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Mining machinery; Mechanical and electrical equipment; Special equipment; Power generation Machines and generator sets.

All-terrain Forklift

Powerful off-road forklift

Body thickening and strong load-bearing

High end engine, increased chassis, thickened body, luxurious driving

Reinforced and elevated chassis wear-resistant off-road tires

Multiple auxiliary tools, one machine with multiple functions, powerful

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Concrete mixer truck
Automatic mixer brand engine off-road tires

Reliable overall performance and high production efficiency

Overall layout optimization to ensure carrying capacity

Exclusive customized brand engine with strong power and low fuel consumption, combined with advanced power matching and control technology, greatly optimized performance

Backhoe Loader

Multi purpose excavator loader

Multiple assistive tools can be chosen to work at will

Folding side excavation free sliding excavator slide form, with folding side excavation form, can slide freely, and the large arm can be retracted during transition, effectively saving space.

Powerful and long-lasting, effortless to work

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Multipurpose hydraulic assistance for a wheeled excavator

Excavator accessories complete, one machine complete

Carefully selected materials, exquisite craftsmanship, and meticulous attention to details

Various accessories, thickened steel, strong power, convenient handling, fine craftsmanship, off-road tires


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